2017 Program

What is the Health Innovation School?

The School is Netherlands’ first ever specialized health innovation training program aimed at current
& future leaders, from across all sub-sectors of the health & care system. The training is tailored towards changing attitudes & behaviors in the complex area of innovation in health(care). The objective is to arm current & future leaders from across the Dutch health(care) system with the required knowledge, mindsets and competencies to lead or enable innovation. For more information about the School, click here.

Who Can (and Should) Apply?

This program is aimed at future health innovation leaders in the Dutch health(care) system.

The ideal candidates for the first cohort are individuals with the following characteristics:

  • In middle to upper management, project leader, or senior advisor roles;
  • Working within complex health organizations from across the Dutch health(care) system – including government (central, local), agencies, insurers, health delivery organizations, home care, nursing homes, health professionals, academics, and business;
  • Are (or will soon be) responsible for enabling or leading health innovation;
  • Working on key files or with key organizations that can enable, or impact the innovation efforts of other individuals or organizations in the Dutch health(care) system.
  • Patients/families who have lived experience and can meaningfully contribute to building – and learning from – future leaders of Dutch health(care).

The program aims to increase individual learning and experience in innovation, and thus impact health(care) system innovation.  We therefore did not design the program for people with specific knowledge.

There will be a second, smaller one-time cohort of senior executives who will undergo an executive level version of the program from September to December 2017, focused on creating the right environment for health innovation to thrive.

If you have questions about whether you should/can apply, please email us or attend a webinar for more information.  The optional informational webinars are on May 1, 2017 at 9:00 am (register here) and 16:00 pm (register here).

What Will I Be Doing?

The overall program is organized around three connected streams of activity over a 4 month time frame (June to October 2017).

In-Person Sessions

Learn and practice the required culture, mindsets, behaviours and tools to lead health innovation at scale, and get a baseline mastery of key concepts, language, and trends in health innovation – via 5 knowledge modules | 4 days | over 4 months (June to Sept.)


Form strategic linkages via exchange with individuals from all parts of the health and care system. Enables efficient problem solving, reducing silos and barriers to innovation adoption and spread

Action Project

Cross-disciplinary team project to apply the strategies, concepts, tools and behaviours learned in the In Person sessions, and reinforce connections made with colleagues on from across the health system

What Will I Learn?

The Health Innovation School offers a unique learning experience. Participating in the in-class sessions, doing the applied learning project and connection to 50 other future health leaders. By working through these three streams in parallel, you will master the following foundational competencies:

  • Comprehend what health innovation is, who is involved, why exponential leadership is an imperative in 21st century health(care);
  • Foster new connections to understand health innovation from multiple lenses and perspectives within & outside your domain, including broader Dutch society;
  • Recognise and avoid the old cultures, mindsets and behaviours that get in the way of health innovation and start to embrace ‘The Innovator’s DNA’;
  • Know where change is and will happen and how to translate tools & methodologies in the health innovator’s toolbox into practice and real impact;
  • Understand the technologies enabling a future of health and care that is democratised, connected and hyper-personalised;
  • Practice and demonstrate your understanding of key concepts and new skills trough an applied learning project;
  • Be inspired with new possibilities and the ability to see opportunities to transform the Dutch healthcare system trough innovation.

The Health Innovation School program is in process of confirming that it meets the accreditation criteria of the Radboudumc Health Academy (stay tuned for further information).

How to Apply?

Applications for the first cohort (June to November 2017) are now closed. We have been overwhelmed with the number and quality of enthusiastic applications. The first cohort of 50 participants for the Health Innovation School has been selected.  They represent a mix of experiences, sectors, perspectives and geographies from across health and care in the Netherlands.

After the first Health Innovation School is run in 2017 we will get back to you with updates about the next sessions. If you want to be updated about new activities please register for the mailing list.

What are the Timelines?

May 1:     Optional informational webinars on May 1, 2017 at 9:00 am (register here) and 16:00 pm (register here).  The webinars will give you more information and answer specific questions about the program.

May 15:     Applications due via online application by 23:00 pm.

May 23:     Notification of acceptance into program. (You will receive a formal invitation to participate subject to receiving a letter of support from your CEO)

Early June:     Announce the first cohort

June 14:     Kick off – teleconference call or in person

June 22 – 23:     START: 2 day in person sessions (Modules 1, 2 & 3) – 8:00 am – 17:00 pm at Radboudumc *optional dinner the evening before

July – Oct:     Networking, exchange, complete milestones for Action Project with coach support

Sept. 14 – 15:     2 day in person sessions (Modules 2 & 3 continued; Modules 4 & 5) – 8:00 am – 17:00 pm at Radboudumc  *optional dinner the evening before

Oct. 17 – 19:     Optional – Innovation Learning Network (ILN) conference at Radboudumc

Oct. 19:      Final team pitches of Action Projects to sponsors, senior leaders from the health system and ILN participants at Radboudumc (13:00 – 17:00 pm)

Nov. 30:     Graduation ceremony (15:00 – 17:00 pm)

Who are the Trainers?

Core Faculty – The program will be lead by 3 core faculty, whom participants will have access to throughout the program:


Guest Faculty (Trainers) – Trainers from the Netherlands and international expert centers have been recruited to design and deliver components of the program. Meet some of the trainers here!

Meet the 2017 Cohort

The first ever cohort of the Health Innovation School was selected and announced on June 7, 2017. Meet the future leaders of health and care in the Netherlands here!