Health Innovation School

Action Project

Every participant will be placed on a cross-disciplinary team of 4-6 people to complete an “Action Project”. The team will apply the strategies, concepts, tools and behaviours learned in the In Person sessions, and reinforce connections made with colleagues and patients from across the health system.

Objective of action project: By pitch day, the team presents a validated solution to one of 10 priority innovation challenges in the Netherlands health system. The coaches will support small teams of 4-6 participants in working through milestones for their Action Project, providing hands-on support for up to four hours per month per team. Through onsite and remote support, coaches will help the teams model and reinforce the concepts, methods and mindsets they learn in the in-class training sessions.

To see the 10 projects from the 2017 cohort, click here.

The teams will be assigned a coach to help guide them through a structured process to go from problem (or challenge) to validated idea ready for pitching to senior leaders in the health system.  Meet the coaches here!

On pitch day the teams will present to each other, and to an additional two audiences:

  • The CEO or other senior leader from each team member’s sponsor organization
  • ~25 CEOs and other top management from across the health system (curated by the Faculty)

Option for Applicant to Propose their own Action Project

If invited to the program, short-listed candidates have an option to propose a project instead of being assigned to a health system priority project by the faculty.

 The project proposal should:

  • Align with one of the theme areas of the priority projects of the health system; AND
  • Have the support of the participant(s) sponsor organization

Applicants can propose on their own, or as a group. A tool like Sparkboard will be made available to potential candidates who want to combine together to make a project proposal.